Parlay Social offers upscale comfort with exceptional customer service and a relaxed ambiance.

Something Social

Parlay Social transforms from a social gathering into a full evening of entertainment and dance. Whether it’s a happy hour gathering or a full-blown weekend night, Parlay Social has something for everyone.

Prohibition Era

Parlay Social is a Prohibition Era throwback to the Speak Easies of old; a destination and gathering place in downtown Lexington. Our guests will find sophisticated, Art Deco influenced furnishings, providing a warm and comfortable environment. Parlay strikes a balance between chic theatrical and relaxing lounge with our highly stylized design.

One Of America’s 55 Best Bourbon Bars

The Bourbon Review has named Parlay Social one of the top Bourbon Bars in the country. Click here to read more and see the other winners.

Live Music

Our live performance schedule is constantly evolving for YOU! Check out the calendar below and stay up-to-date with our latest events.

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